Word Document Season:


Coaches do not have the ability to overrule or make exceptions to any of the rules. Understand that all these rules are here because they have been an issue in the past. Special circumstances can be brought up to Kevin & Dani, by the coaches only. Players must bring it to the coaches, and they will bring it up to Kevin & Dani.

1. Missed practices can.t be made up. Players are allowed 2 missed practices for the season. If a player has more than 2 missed practices, play time will be affected for each miss after 2. Coaches for the team will decide on how much play time is affected, but the minimum will be 1 set for each miss after the 2nd.

2. Missed matches. Player that misses Fri night matches or a tournament day. will have their play time drastically affected. Coaches for the team will decide on how much play time is affected, but the minimum will be 1 set for every set missed. This includes played sets and sets the team had to ref. Ex: Players misses one day of a tournament.. the team played 8 sets and had to ref 3 sets. The player will have to sit a total of 11 sets of play. The sets sat can be spread out by the coaches or do them all at once.

3. Practice before and the practice after a tournament is mandatory. If a player misses either of these practices, their play time will be affected at the next tournament/match. Coaches for the team will decide on how much play time is affected, but the minimum will be 1 set.

4. Players must do their part in the ref duties that the team has. All players will either line judge, do scorekeeping or will be courtside watching. When teammates are performing refing duties, the rest of the team must be at the court for the whole match. If a player is not at the court for refing duties, their play time will be affected in the next tournament/match. Coaches for the team will decide on how much play time is affected, but the minimum will be 2 sets.

Exception: if a player is sent to the medical tent by coaches at a multi-day tournament.

5. Coaches do the coaching. Players should not be looking to parents for coaching and parents should not be trying to coach their player or other players during matches or practices. Parents should not be telling their players not to listen to the coach and do something different. If this is a problem, players can be suspended, parents can be banned from practices/matches or removal from the club if the issue is bad enough.

6. Treat facilities, facilities owners, all coaches, all officials and other players/parents with respect. This includes picking up your trash at any facility and bad mouthing the team/player/coaches at any time to anyone. If this is an issue, it will be brought up to Kevin & Dani for review. Players and/or parents can be suspended or removed from the club, depending on the severity or frequency.

7. All players must bring all jerseys to each tournament.regardless to what they are supposed to be wearing for that match. If a player doesn.t have one of the jerseys, the minimum is that they will have to sit 1 set at some point. When the sit occurs is up to the coaches.

8. All players going to/from travel tournaments must travel with the team. Included in traveling with the team will include sitting with the team at airports, on flights, being in the team vans, walking/taking rail to/from the playing site with the team/coaches, team meals and team bonding events. Rare exceptions will be made if an older player is going to do an official college visit and is going straight from the tournament. Also, after AAU Nationals concludes the team.s season, exceptions will be made for players/families doing vacation straight after, as the season will be over.

9. Parents are not to address coaches or club owners regarding the questioning of team dynamics, play time, positional assignments, etc. Players are welcome to approach coaches with any issues or questions that they have at appropriate times (set up a time to talk before or after a practice). Concerns about playing time or team dynamics are to be brought up to the coaches by the player outside of practices and tournaments, NEVER BY THE PARENTS. During a power or multiple day tournaments, play time concerns or team dynamics will not be addressed at any time. Parents ARE allowed to talk to coaches or club owners, just not about team dynamics, play time, positional assignments, etc. If there is a serious issue, parents can bring that up to coaches or club owners.

10. No player or person in the players family will post any negative comments about HOT SHOTZ, Play It Now Sports, HOT SHOTZ coaches, players /parents on her team or any other HOT SHOTZ player/ parent on social media of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook..as well as text or email. This will result in immediate suspension and possible removal from the club, depending on the severity of the comments.

11. The possession, use or sale of any alcohol, tobacco products (including JUUL) or any illegal substance by a player is strictly forbidden. This is to include possession, use or sale outside of Hot Shotz sanctioned events. Immediate removal from the club will occur if this is an issue.

12. No jewelry of any kind to be worn at practices or matches. Clear studs will be allowed. Consequences for the team if this happens and the player can.t practice until all jewelry is off, except clear studs.

13. All players must wear a Hot Shotz top during all practices, travel days to/from travel locations and at tournaments in the gym.

14. All players must come to/from practice wearing sweats/pants and a hoodie/jacket. Once we get to the end of spring/early summer, coaches will advise when it.s warm enough to not come in these. Players showing up/leaving without wearing sweats/pants and a hoodie/jacket, will earn a .bronco. consequence for their team.

15. All team rules and consequences set in place by the coaches of the team are backed by the club.